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The designated curser has a birthday on Wednesday.

Warmup/Skill (15 min): Power Clean to Rack Pos

Strength (25 min): Shoulder Press
Men: Work to 65%x5, 70%x5, 75%X5
Women: Work (quickly) to 5 sets of 5 @65%
*Clean bars from floor

First Month: 15 Power Clean & Press


Assistance (Between Sets):
All: 50-80 KB Swings (Hip Snap, Looser Grip, No Arch)

Conditioning (15 min):
Rounds of…
5 Ring Rows/5 Kip Swings/5 Kipping Pulls
*Use kips/kip pulls as practice
10 Humane Burpees
1-3 Clean & Press (135/95/65/45)
One-Arm Farmer’s Carry Lot & Back (Bar loaded w/90/Bar loaded w/66/45 lb db/30 lb db)