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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you and all of your loved ones are happy and healthy this holiday season.

Over the past year, a few of you have suggested we come up with a sort of best practices guide as an aid to newer members and a touchstone for veterans.  Given our proximity to 2013 and newer programming, now seems like a great time for it.

1. Squat, push, pull 3x/wk.  Short, simple, hard conditioning or finishers 2-3x/wk.  This one can be done very easily–come to class Mon, Wed, and Friday or make up one or more of the week’s workouts Tues, Thurs, Sat, or Sun.  Simple.  Do this every week.

2. Aerobic work of 20+ min 2-3x/wk.  Again, we can make and keep this very simple.   Walk two or three times a week.  Go for jogs.  Ride a bike.  Hike to Lookout Rock.  And for those who love circuit training here, come in on an open day and we’ll write you up something–we absolutely love doing that, you’ll surely find a partner or two to do the work with you, and you’ll have a blast.  Do this stuff whenever–make and keep it fun, not obligation.

3. Write everything down and do what’s on the board.  Buy and keep a training log.  If the board says 70% for five reps, do 70% for five reps.  (We’ll teach you what that means.)

1. Find and practice a short, comprehensive, repeatable stretching and mobility routine daily.  10 minutes or less–before you go to work is fine, before you go to bed is better.  All of our barbell lifts function as full range of motion stretches.  Using relatively conservative weights and doing the movements correctly will address the lion’s share of your mobility needs.  A short stretching and mobility routine, practiced regularly, should complete the picture.  Seek and practice simplicity.  Don’t be afraid to look to unorthodox sources–a morning yoga practice, dynamic warmup for sprinters, etc.  Find the 10 minutes that you enjoy and prosper by, then do it daily.

1. Eat 3 balanced meals a day.  I know, quite an anachronism these days.  Protein, good carb source, healthy fat, fruits and/or veggies.  Portion size relative to your size.  Let this be simple and it will be.  Resist complication; look to the long haul and at the bigger picture.

1. Be here when you’re here.  Talk to your classmates.  Ask questions.  Look for the simplicity and repeatability in what we do.  Give yourself permission to leave the outside world be for an hour.  Just an hour.  Get here on time.  Figure out what’s fun for you about what we do and enjoy it while you’re here.

1. Pick a specialty session and attend it regularly, 1x/wk.  Gymnastics, yoga, Oly lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell work.  Find something a bit different here and enjoy getting better at it.

2. Sleep as much as you can. None of us sleep enough.  Do your best.