Woodshed Strength and Conditioning is a training facility dedicated to the rigorous, well-examined pursuit of health and wellness. Towards that end, we focus on Coaching and Community. Your individual goals, availability, and training history will help us determine the right path for you!

Every member at Woodshed has their own professional Coach For Life. Look at your Coach as the ultimate project manager–she or he will meet with you regularly, answer any questions you have along the way, and guide you as you progress towards goals. Our coaches are kind, educated, and diligent, and we promise to treat you with respect and enthusiasm as you make your home here. We will teach you how to get stronger, how to move more efficiently, and we will take care to push you towards your goals efficiently and in safety.

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Most folks will move towards some combination of private or small group training and larger group classes over the course of their time here at Woodshed. Our community of wonderful members makes it very easy for you to enjoy training here several times a week. We are moms and dads, engineers and first responders, teachers and students, doctors and nurses, and we all live to see each other succeed and have a blast while working hard, one session at a time. Whether you are a private client training during an open gym or a monthly member attending a busy class, the Woodshed will quickly become your ‘third place.’ This community of kind, like-minded folks in a rustic old print shop is like no other!

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