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Monday, July 28, 2014
Warmup: KB or DB Death March, Fence Work, Glutes (7-10 min)
Overhead: Quick 3-4 triples on overhead work, Pair with band pullaparts and 4-8 chins (10 min)
Strength: Squat, warmup then 5 sets of 5 at 70% of your max from last week…light weight (25 min)
Between Sets: 1) Glute Bridges w/chain, 7-10 reps, 2) :30 sets of KB swings, 3) Hanging Ab work, 5-8 reps
Conditioning: 2-3 rounds of 2 min w/partner or two (rest 1 min btw rounds)
Alternate between barbell clean (or subsitute), kb swings, and pushups

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Warmup: Shoulder mobility (10 min)
Strength: Bench press, 25-50 reps in 20 min, adding 5 lbs from last week if able (30 min)
*Reps should be mostly crisp
Between Sets: 1) DB Rows, 2) Pullaparts from lunge pos, 3) Ring Rows
Conditioning: 12 min :30 work/:30 rest–Options are
A) Bike, Row
B) DB Thrusters, KB Swings, Situps, Mountain Climbers (rotate btw those 4 movements)

Friday, Aug 1, 2014
Piriformis Stretch, PVC deadlift, Brace (10 min)
Strength: Deadlift, singles on min or doubles every two min after warmup (30 min)
Conditioning: “Reet Petite”
Beginner: Rounds of DB complex (5 reps DB Row, Clean, Press, Squat), :30 bike, :30 row
Intermediate: Rounds of BB Complex A (8 reps dead, row, clean, press, squat) or B (snatch dead, snatch row, hang snatch , btn sn press, squat), :30 hard KB swings