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What is CrossFit

CrossFit–Woodshed Style

What is CrossFit? You’ve probably heard the word CrossFit a bunch by now, and maybe you’ve seen pictures of workouts on social media or competitions on ESPN.  At Woodshed, we keep it super simple.

To us, CrossFit means getting stronger, moving better, and having fun while you workout.  We reintroduce bodyweight movements you may not have done since gym class and teach you the way we want you lifting until you’re long into your retirement.

Contrary to some gym stereotypes, however, we believe in a relentlessly positive approach.  Every pound added to the bar is a reason for excitement; every second you move faster is worthy of praise.  We help you learn how to build true momentum with every workout, and we seize every opportunity to build you up.  We devote one day a week in our private Facebook group to “Woodshed Wins” and that’s no joke–winning is contagious!

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