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Sorry to all you Vamp fans but this isn’t actually about Grace Jones…

I received a wonderful email this morning, for which I’m very thankful–most especially because the writer mentioned the idea of grace. It isn’t too often that you’re reading something about training and bump into that word, at least in its spiritual notation. And that’s too bad.

But before that, this: the best training advice I ever got was so simple, so incidental that it may just as well have been a cough. Keep moving. That’s it. Two words. Keep moving.

Now it’s been my job, joy, and occasional frustration to figure out the how, but that’s the what for sure. Want to add ten pounds to your overhead press? Keep moving. (Do lots of doubles at 80-90%, keep your shoulders healthy, add bodyweight if you are able.) Having a crap day? Keep moving. (Duck, weave, bob, avoid the bad voice, find the right voice, figure out something a little different to be better at.) Keep moving.

Stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do? Start moving. (We can play a little fast and loose with the first of the two words sometimes.)

And this is, at its bottom, what happens when you give yourself grace in here. You keep moving. You don’t get bogged down in comparisons. You understand that you can look at what someone else does, value it, want to beat it (or not), but whatever happens keep yourself moving. You get that you’ve got a big choice in here: you can aim at some abstracted version of who you thought you ought to be, or you can slough off the dead weight of expectation, get down with the getdown, and be the best actual you that you can be today. And the day after that. And maybe sometimes that means you push yourself harder because you know that’ll make the rest of the day easier, and maybe sometimes it means you ease off the gas because you’ve had a bad week, but either way you give yourself the grace to figure it out as you go.

Listen, I know this shit is tough sometimes. Believe me, I do. We are blessed to have so many of you that trust us enough to share your frustrations, worries, and fears. We’ve got your back. So what I want to ask you to do today is simple, even if it’s not easy: keep moving. Keep moving and give yourself the grace to do it as well as you can today.