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Week of Monday, January 13-Friday, January 17

Monday & Tuesday, January 13 & 14
Strength (Mon): Bench Press, work to heavy double–pause reps at chest (no bounce), 6-8 total sets
Task Work (Mon & Tues): Barbell Rows, sets of 7-10; Farmer’s Carries (65 base); 1 min rows (30-45 hard, 15-30 easy)
Strength Recov/Assistance (Tues): Close Grip Bench, light sets of 10; Chins/Pullups/Banded Work, sets of 5-10; Roll Out Upper Back, Lats; Shoulder Shocker series
Base Practice & Conditioning (Mon): EMOM Jumprope 25 seconds, then work through 50 situps, 50 db snatches (25/arm), 75 kb swings for remainder of minute; repeat until complete
Circuit Work (Tues): 15 minute rounds of 1 min row or bike, 4 x 12 ring rows, pushups to pins, squats, standing hip rotations
O-Lift (Tues): 25 min snatch work doubles @65% (if lifting Sat) or 80% (if not); 20 min same c&J

Wednesday & Thursday, January 15&16
Strength (Wed): Squat, doubles at 65-75%–7-12 total sets
Task Work (Wed & Thurs): Goblet Squats, KB Swings, sets of 10/20; 4-6×10 circuit fire hydrants, broken tables, mtn climbers
Strength Recov/Assistance (Thurs): Wall Squats, 1 min; Supine Psoas March (banded); Accumulate 8-12 min row/bike; 35-50 reps ab work
Base Practice & Conditioning (Wed): 7 min Burpee Ladder (Start at 1-6 and go up 2 each min); jumprope during off-time
Circuit Work (Thurs): 15 min rounds KB Circuit 3×10 1-hand swings, Figure 8, 2 hand swings, goblet; 60-90 sec bike/row/run/carry, 30-60 sec rest
O-Lift (Thurs): 25 min snatch work doubles @60% (if lifting Sat) or 85% (if not); 20 min same c&J

Friday, January 17
Strength: Press, work to hard set of 5: 6-9 total sets
Task Work: Kroc rows (One arm DB rows, knee on bench), 3-5 sets; Squat doubles at end of press sets; One-Arm Waiter’s Walks (DB/KB)
Base Practice & Conditioning: Rounds of: 1) Bear Crawl, 2) Ring Rows 7-12 reps, 3) Squat 7-12 reps, 4) Lot sprint/jog (weather dependent), then 5-8 min trainer-led jumprope/stretch