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Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you all had a wonderful day or two with your families, friends (especially the fine-feathered kind), and loved ones.  We’re back at it tomorrow from 10-2 for open gym.  Come on in and get it done.

I saw a funny little stat on my FB feed today: the average person gains 5-10 lbs over the next four weeks.  Depending on your perspective, this is either yikes territory, or it’s water off your back.  But it should be…something.   Let me explain.

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing people bitch about how stressful the holiday season is.  This drives me crazy because: a) we start hearing this in October, and b) this almost always refers from a pass/fail attitude.  Turkey was dry, the squash was watery, and the weird cousin was crying on his cell phone for an hour after dinner and all of the sudden we forget all the day’s hugs, laughter, and warmth and mark Thanksgiving down for a miss.  We’ve got to get it better next year.  We can make it up with some perfect presents at Christmas but if we swing and miss, well, the whole holiday season is a wash.

I mean, I hate to pull this bromide out here but I think it’s apt: sickness is stressful, job loss is stressful; whether the in-laws show up on time and enjoy the cranberry compote is really NBD, as the kids say.  So even as we can’t control every little particle in the snow globe, we sure are the captains of our own ships.  Kick that shit to the curb, do your best, and don’t let stress happen to you unbidden.  And if you do choose to be a dithering wreck throughout December, so be it, but let it be your decision!

Now back to the weight gain.  Or the weight loss.  Whatever happens to you and your jean size this holiday season, let it be your choice.  Decide that holding serve and maintaining your weight is fine.  Decide that you want to drop a couple of pounds by doubling up on your gym time and sticking to single portions.  That’s fine too.  Decide to use the season to bulk up a little bit.  That works.  Hell, even decide not to give a crap this month and just eat whatever–that is every bit as legitimate a choice!  Just have a plan.  Nothing is worse than looking down at the scale on January 1st and thinking “what the shit just happened?”

(Unless you chose that path, of course.)