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Monday, November 25
Warmup then PVC work through the following complex:
Deadlift/Row/Hang Power Clean/Push Press/Back Squat
then split into 3-4 groups and rotate through…
1: Complex (shoot for three to five sets of 8 reps throughout the hour)
2: KB Intervals w/swing–30 seconds work/30 rest/60 work/60 rest
3: Back/Ab Circuit–Plank, McGill Crunch, Broken Table, Traction Hang from Bars (abt 30 seconds/movement)
4: Sandbag squat (100/60): complete 15-30 by hour’s end

Tuesday, November 26–Olympic Work
Snatch, Snatch from Hang, 7×1-1 @75%
Clean, Clean and Jerk 4×1-1@75%

Wednesday, November 27
Warmup then Rounds of:
1a) Row 15 sec, 1b) Jumprope 45-60 sec, 1c) Roll Out (One Bodypart) 30 sec
2a) 12 KB Swings, 2b) 12 broken table/side, 2c) 8 light db presses
Turkish Getup/Kalos Sthenos version to bridge, practice 10 min
12 minutes of :30-:40 work (squat, pushup, situp, jumping jacks), :20-:30 rest, hard moderate pace
2 minutes rest then
12 minutes of :30-:40 work (hard conditioning–kb swings, burpees, mtn climbers), 2:20-2:30 rest (roll out/stretch)

Saturday, November 30
O-lifts: 1) Power Snatch 5×2, ascending to no more than 85% of max snatch, 2) Power Clean, same protocol, 3) Push Press 4×2 ascending to mod. heavy set
10 AM Roadwork: 30 min warmup and skill work, 30 min roadwork