Physical strength is relatively new to me and is the greatest achievement of my adult life. It has become the foundation of my physical and mental health, self esteem, confidence and humility. Woodshed made me capable; able.
Christine N.
I have been coming to the Woodshed now for about a month and really enjoy my time spent here. Great coaching staff whether you are just starting out with CrossFit or are an athlete looking for a new challenge.
Jon T.
Ayer, MA
I love knowing that I can participate fully in life from running - if need be - to moving stuff around at home. I am more active in all areas of my life because of the strength and abilities I’ve developed at the gym.
Lynne B.
Joining Woodshed has made me feel like a part of the Littleton community. I have met wonderful people who I want to spend time with outside of the gym. This also helps motivate me to get to the gym on a daily basis.
Kerri G.
Littleton, MA
Breaking down the challenge of getting physically stronger into fun, interesting, doable steps has allowed me to understand that all of life’s challenges are similarly attainable. I look better, feel better, and am living better and I owe it all to Woodshed.
Anne R.
I feel better about my health and my body than I ever have before, and enjoy seeing progress and results from my work at the Woodshed.
Mark M
Harvard MA
I have been a member of several CF gyms, and I feel most welcome at Woodshed. I receive equal attention and encouragement as other members. The focus on form, safety and individual goals and a comfortable amount of competitiveness is just right for me.
Michael D
Great people, coaching and classes. Love the focus on strength and function. Gets the endorphins flowing.
Inna L.
At 57, I am in the best shape of my life and this truly has become the best hour of my day.
Don L

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