CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes

The overwhelming majority of our members take two to four CrossFit classes a week and thrive in the group dynamic.  Class provides direction, accountability, and motivation, and we make it fun!  Every session is led by one of our professional Coaches and consists of the following segments:

*Warmup: We get you moving, slowly at first and then a little faster.  This is to warm up your joints, muscles, and to break a bit of a sweat.
*Skill work: We teach and practice any new movements that we’ll be performing during that day’s workout.
*Strength: We lift weights, usually prime barbell movements such as the squat, press, deadlift, and clean.  We make sure you are using weights that are challenging but doable.  We want you to win every session.
*Conditioning: We pick a handful of exercises and move through them quickly so that you get your sweat going, are breathing a little heavy, and feel like you’ve worked your butt off.

By the end of the hour you will wonder how you got all that done and when you can come back.


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