• Justin Keane Owner, Head Coach

    CrossFit Level 1, Olympic Lifting, and Nutrition Certified
    USAW Sports Performance Coach
    ISSA Group Fitness Certification

    Since opening Woodshed Strength & Conditioning in March 2009, I have maintained a simple philosophy for our staff and community: we are here to make our lives better, one hour at a time.  We live to make you happier, stronger, and fitter, and it is most important to me that we do this with kindness and attention to detail.  You are your most important project, and this is your time!  I am here to help.

    Since joining CrossFit Boston in 2007, the idea that a good, fundamentally sound CrossFit Gym could change lives has never been very far from the front of my mind.  Since opening Woodshed Fitness in March 2009 and then CrossFit Woodshed in August 2010, I have maintained a simple philosophy: we are here to make your lives better, one hour at a time.  We live to make you happier, stronger, and fitter, and it is most important to me that we do this with kindness and an eye on the wonderful community that we serve here at Woodshed.

  • Alicia MacDonald Coach

    CrossFit Level 1 Certified ISSA Personal Trainer

    I joined Woodshed in September of 2011. The positive impact that strength, conditioning, and proper nutrition had on my life inspired me to become a personal trainer. With a background in nursing I have always had a passion for health and helping people. As a personal trainer I have found a way to focus on these things in an even more rewarding way.  I currently meet with our new clients for one on one on-ramp sessions to cover everything they need to know to get started on their journey here at Woodshed. I love helping people overcome the anxiety of starting something new, but I especially love the reward of watching these members grow into strong, happy, healthy members of our community.

  • Amy Frailey Coach

    Coach CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    I joined Woodshed in early 2011, a year post college graduation, I felt lost and sedentary while adjusting to a desk-bound job. I had always been an active and competitive horseback rider and instructor, and adjusting to life outside of a structured college sports team and more active profession had been difficult. The incredible community, training, and programming that Justin and his team have provided got me out of my rut, and has kept me coming back ever since. I am honored to be able to help others find the motivation to lead healthier, happier lives!

  • Erin Byrne Associate Coach

    Associate Coach CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    No fitness program or community has ever grabbed me the way that the Woodshed has. My membership has shown me a happier, stronger and overall healthier side of myself I didn’t know I had. After only a short time of being a member and watching Justin and all the other trainers inspire, help, support and transform everyone who belongs here, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. From that point forward helping people become a happy and healthy version of themselves has become a dream of mine and has shaped my future. The Woodshed has helped me on my way to becoming the person I want to be, now I strive to do the same for anyone who walks through the doors.

  • Bethany Keane Associate Coach

    Associate Coach CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    In 2008, frustrated with my boring workouts and my lack of motivation, I asked Justin for some fitness advice. He suggested I might enjoy more strength work and variety in my routine. We started with a lot of bodyweight, kettlebell, and dumbbell routines, and I found myself looking forward to working out for the first time since college. When I was finally brave enough to allow the barbell into my routines, I was completely hooked. I spend as much time as my schedule allows at Woodshed and I love every minute of it! I look forward to working with you as you train to reach your goals–no goal is too small and no dream is too big!

  • Reed Frailey Associate Coach

    Bio coming soon!

  • Anne Roche ISSA Personal Trainer

    When I started at the Woodshed, I was totally out of shape – both physically and emotionally. We had just moved away from family and friends, I had three teenagers at home, two sets of aging parents, and a challenging job as a public defender. I was desperately looking for a way to reclaim strength, joy, and balance in my life. I found all of that and more at Woodshed Strength and Conditioning. Woodshed trainers taught me to show up consistently, take manageable, purposeful steps, and build on each level of my success. The result? My life changed because of this place and the people in it. I now have the mental and physical strength to move through my challenges, not around them or over them. Following the joy and balance I found at Woodshed, I became a fitness trainer and a professional life coach. I love helping fellow members find their strength – both inner and outer – and watching as they soar higher than they thought possible.

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