042914 Daily Minute

042914Jonah can pull a pretty decent amount of weight for a guy who has a barbell lodged in his brain.  Here’s a nice example of what we might call the modified sumo deadlift, were we to get caught up in nomenclature.  We’ve played around with Jonah’s pull a fair amount (he is an outstanding deadlifter, so this is in the name of maximizing performance), and settled upon an approach that sets his longer legs a bit further apart than his squat stance, but not quite as wide as a sumo stance.  It’s the pull that works for him, no matter that it deviates from both of the two classic approaches to the deadlift.

In all that you do in and out of here, resist thinking of yourself in this or that particular box.  Your approach, derived from personal experience and work with your trainers, is your approach first and foremost. The second we start moving away from what we know works for us in service of adherence to an often-abstracted ideal, we get ourselves in trouble.  So…you are not a modified-sumo deadlifter and you don’t need to comb through articles on Ed Coan’s setup, you are a Jonah deadlifter and you think in terms of your setup keeping the bar over midfoot within the context of cues and positions that work for you.  (Well, if you are Jonah that is.)

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