3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Start Early!

It’s getting to be that time…now that the Christmas chocolates are flying off the shelves at half-price, our thoughts turn to the New Year and what changes we might make.  In that spirit, here are three resolutions to get you started, and you don’t have to wait until 1/1/2017!

1) That thing you did that worked and made you happy?  Yeah, resolve to keep doing it.  If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already made some changes over the last calendar year.  Maybe they were planned and maybe they were happy accidents, but before you get into new changes take some reflection time to celebrate one thing that already worked and commit to continuing it over 2017.

2) Find a good, winnable habit.  Making your bed first thing in the morning was all the rage online a few months ago, and the idea makes sense: when you begin your morning with intention and order, you set the tone for the remainder of the day.  What’s one thing you could easily do that would create momentum?  Setting out your workout clothes the night before?  Having a standing date with a training partner for class at the gym?  Doing your shopping early Sunday morning?  Pick something that gives you no pause and let it catalyze other changes in your life.

3) Find your goal a marker.  For many of us reading gym blogs, the goal will likely be a variation on theme: get into better shape.  What does ‘better shape’ mean to you?  You can run an 8 minute mile and squat your bodyweight for sets of 10?  You make it to the gym 3x/wk because you know you’ll feel much better if you do?  Do your first 5k?

Whatever it is, you will likely want to pay attention to several areas like nutrition, sleep, and flexibility along the way.  At Woodshed, we’re participating in the Whole Life Challenge beginning January 21: it’s a great way to improve positive habits in a community setting as you pursue your 2017, and it’s open to members and non-members alike–just click here to check this video on the WLC’s 7 Habits, and email us at to get your signup info!

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