Back To School Question 2: What’s The Hardest Part of Getting Fit?

One of the things we hear most often from prospective and newer members at Woodshed is that they put off starting 1-1 or group training with us because they were worried about how hard it would be to get fit.

Is it hard to get into shape, or to get back into shape?  A hundred percent yes.  As the old song goes, the only easy day was yesterday.

But the thing is, the hardest part isn’t the last set of squats, or the kettlebell swings, or even the burpees.  Those are tough, but you either do them or you don’t, and then you move along.  And anyhow, no one movement is so integral to your fitness that it becomes a do-or-die situation.

No, the hardest part of getting fit is the consistency.  It’s showing up three or four times a week and doing what your coach tells you.  Even when you don’t feel like it.  Even when you’d rather hit snooze. Even when your last workout felt like crap.  Even when you think you should be doing more.  It’s showing up, doing some work, and establishing the habit of fitness.

Notice that we didn’t say the hardest part is showing up and crushing every workout.  None of us are professional athletes and going ninety miles an hour when fifty would be more appropriate is a recipe for missed workouts, stalled progress, and potential injury.  Nothing is more discouraging to a new or returning athlete than expending the significant emotional and logistical capital of starting a new routine only to stall out after a month or two.

We see this time and time again at Woodshed–the real success stories, the folks who hit the ground running and make progress for years at a time, are the folks who come in, check the box, and do the work.  They go hard when that’s what the workout and their body indicates, and they go easy when that’s what the workout and their body indicates.  They put every workout in their calendar like an appointment and they log their results.  They do it calmly, and they just keep showing up.  It really is that simple.

But it’s not easy,  Nothing worthwhile ever is.

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