Back To School Question 3: Unwritten Gym Rules

Yesterday we talked about the hardest part of getting fit: establishing and maintaining consistency.  For many of our newer members over the years, one of the stumbling blocks towards that end has been the idea that they are stepping into a culture and a space propped up with inscrutable methods, governed by unwritten rules, and enacted by secret handshake.  “Intimidating’ is a word we hear often, though happily it’s almost always in the past tense.

And that’s because nothing sands down intimidation faster than the light of day.  In our space, we believe that if something’s important enough to be a rule, it ought to be written clearly, displayed plainly, and repeated often.

These are our Great 8 rules of engagement at Woodshed.  We’ve always called it the Woodshed Way, and I love that name because it says, simply, that this is how we do things.  These aren’t commandments and they aren’t laws, they’re just a few things worth doing well that we think make life in the gym better for you and everyone around you.

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