July 2, 2020
Today’s blog was going to be a little bit different, but when you get great news you share it right away: here in Massachusetts gyms just received the green light to reopen for groups of 40% capacity beginning next week. We’ve been cooling our heels on the sidelines for

The First of Anything

July 1, 2020
Today is July 1st. If you pay attention to these sorts of things, we’re halfway through 2020. Take a deep breath. I’m a huge believer in borrowing energy wherever I can. Yes, January 1st is just another day. In content and form it’s not terribly different than December 31st.

Welcome Yourself Back!

June 30, 2020
As gyms in Massachusetts prepare to reopen for group training, pending the Governor’s order, we want to welcome you back with virtual open arms. It has been a while! Whether you’re coming back to Woodshed (or starting up new here!) or another favorite gym, we want to help with

What’s The Best Full Body Exercise?

June 29, 2020
We get this question a lot from folks who are interested in starting to train with us. Now, the real correct answer to this one is “it depends.” We all bring different builds, histories, and goals to the table. That said, there is one exercise we tend to favor

The First Cut Is The Sweetest

June 28, 2020
When considering the benefits of a new exercise routine, we might be forgiven for pausing at step one to feel like elves in Santa’s workshop. We’re going to have to:*Build a new schedule*Build a new base of movements*Build new relationships–with a coach, a classmate, or the notification settings on

Saturday Spotlight: Dave

June 27, 2020
Editor’s Note: We originally talked with our friend Dave in March as he was prepping for the NYC Half-Marathon, so we’ve omitted the specific text about that race in our last paragraph while still pointing to the incredibly worthy live link for Team Fox. If you’ve been to any

Orange You Glad For Potatoes?

June 26, 2020
Behold the sweet potato–orange bounty of good, solid carbohydrate. Sweet potato fries, sweet potato slices, sweet potato pie! Here’s one of my all-time favorite post-workout meals, taken directly from my man Coach Jim Steel:Brown about a pound of ground beef. I like using 85/15, a little leaner than your

What’s A Keystone Habit and Why Should You?

June 25, 2020
Finish this sentence: I feel better when I __________ every day. What’d you come up with? For most of us, it’s probably something we’re not doing as often as we’d like. And that’s not because we lack motivation; in fact, it might be that we don’t realize how powerful

Maybe You Don’t Need A Gym

June 25, 2020
Gyms aren’t for everyone. I know, this is an odd beginning for a blog you’re reading on a gym’s website, but take this walk with me. Some folks do better on their own. And I’m not just talking about the self-motivated, the super disciplined, and all the other type

The World’s Strongest, Summeriest Iced Coffee

June 23, 2020
When it comes to recovery between your workouts, maintenance of lean body mass, and general satiety and nutritional support for an active lifestyle, protein is king. And when it comes to starting your mornings right, many of us feel the same way about coffee. One of our favorite ways

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