Feel Better In 3 Weeks

Sharing this wonderful testimonial from an old friend and new online client of ours reminds me to remind YOU that feeling better is the thing

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Woodshed Strong

We love the handle Woodshed Strong. It’s our current ID on Instagram, we’ve used it on a few t-shirts and swag, and our coaches and

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What’s In Your Phone Booth?

Sometimes I feel like our gym is its own phone booth. Wait, does anyone remember phone booths? Those little rectangular pods on streetcorners you’d go

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End The Pain

We can’t talk about your pain if I don’t share some of mine first. Growing up, once I realized a professional baseball career wasn’t in

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How Often Should I Workout?

You’ve heard it all. Everything from ‘just ten minutes two times a week’ to ‘work out every day!’ It can be pretty confusing. So today,

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The Woodshed Story

At some point for me, 2009 turned into the year of the Fox Business Channel. Or maybe it was CNBC. Probably both. 2008 had been

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