Car Talk

About a week ago, one of the kids in our afterschool program approached me towards the end of his workout. He’s a quiet kid, a good kid; I assumed he was coming over to ask me something about his last set of squats. To my surprise, he launched into a five-minute monologue on the subject of his family’s truck and its recent adventures in this New England winter. If it sounds like I’m being snarky, I assure you I’m not–it was awesome. One of my favorite things has always been the conversation that emerges out of ether: I still remember the time my best friend in sixth grade called me up (yes on the rotary dial) to ask me if I’d heard about the situation in the Philippines with Marcos and Aquino. No, I hadn’t, so yes, he told me all about it. A funny, nice memory. So this car talk was cool–I loved hearing the kid tell me about it and I loved that he just came up and talked to me like that. It made me feel pretty good.

And I am happy to say that this is just the latest in a long line of nice moments between folks here at Woodshed. These posts always run the risk of getting corny, so I’m going to use the best possible hedge against schmaltz–brevity. We’ll just leave it here: don’t be afraid to open yourself up to new things here. A new lift, a new class time, a new platform. Talking to someone you’ve never met. Deciding you’re going to work on your clean real hard for the next few months now that you’ve got the basics down. Signing up for a meet. Asking someone to spot you. Whatever. Our people are the best. Whatever step you take towards sharing more of yourself will almost surely be rewarded in kind.

I’m a big fan of CrossFit H20 out in Medford. They put up a nice post on community a few weeks back and mentioned “likeminded individuals and some of the best people in the Medford, Arlington, and Somerville areas–(their) members.” I thought that was awesome and really captures perfectly what a good CrossFit gym ought to give its members: the assurance that we’re all in this together and heading in the same direction along many different paths.

So don’t be afraid to talk your car talk. We’re listening.

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