Curds and Whey

Warmup: (10 min)
In any particular order…
10-15 pushups
10-15 band pullaparts
10 mountain climbers (hold heel forward pos as stretch)
15 burpees
20 situps

Technique: (10 min)
Clean, 3rd pull (Tall Clean)

Power/Skill: (20 min)
Clean, 10×3 @50-60%. You should not even approach a miss–deload week for the clean.

Conditioning: (15 min) “The Iron Claw”
8 minute AMRepsAP of…
1 Barbell Complex @8 reps (95/65/35)
150m Farmer’s Carry (40-53s/25-36s)

Score is total reps completed w/in barbell complex

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