Feel Better In 3 Weeks

Sharing this wonderful testimonial from an old friend and new online client of ours reminds me to remind YOU that feeling better is the thing that almost always happens first when you change up your workout routine. And on this Father’s Day, I’m reminded of just how important that can be. Thanks for all of your hard work and kindness, Josh:

Hey – just a quick note of gratitude on this Father’s Day weekend; after three weeks of your guidance, my body feels soooo much better than it did.  My joints were a mess, and I was unable to make any sudden movements without fearing I would mess some other (stuff) up.  That has completely changed – I was able to run around with the kids the other day with abandon, and actually squat down (and get up again) with no pain to look at beer on the bottom shelf just yesterday. The kinds of things a dad likes to do :).

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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