Foundation Three: Community

“What I enjoyed most about Woodshed was the camaraderie…everyone created a positive and safe atmosphere where you felt comfortable pushing your own limits while supporting others of all ages and abilities.”

“It always felt like the staff and others were rooting for each other to do the best they could that given day and I greatly appreciated the setting where everyone strived for self-improvement.”

“(Woodshed) works with beginners and experienced lifters. The coaches are kind and caring, and it is a very encouraging atmosphere and community. I used to spend so much time figuring out which workout I should do, but since I joined Woodshed I no longer have to think about it.”

Community is our Foundation Three. At the risk of donning our infomercial polo shirts and launching into a spiel, we’ll say this: we practice community with intention and care.

While many folks come to us looking to make their daily lives easier or attack specific goals, others come to us looking for a community of like-minded people to exercise with. Perhaps they have trouble motivating on their own, they’re looking for a little company while they workout, or they want the give and take that emerges within a roomful of hard work–whatever the individual reason, a gym community can be an incredibly important foundation for your fitness.

As one of our favorite writers Seth Godin describes community, it’s an intentional act–people like us do things like this. You build it, maintain it, and take care of it. It doesn’t mean much if it’s just a slogan, and it has to bend as times and situations change: for us, physically distancing from our members has been HARD but necessary, and so we consider all the ways we can help our people remain connected to routine and each other…from 14 feet apart, at a minimum. Sometimes online. In smaller groups and 1-1 more often than pre-Covid. We’ve adapted, as communities must. It hasn’t been easy, of course, but it’s been worth it.

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