I Try To Sleep…They Won’t Let Me Alone

That title, that’s Cheap Trick singing about the Dream Police.  But it could just as easily be someone talking about the barbell barristers.  You know, the folks who raise an eyebrow when you tell them that you’ve been squatting heavy once or twice a week for the last few months.

“Oh (raised eyebrow)…OH (wide-eyed look of concern)…aren’t you worried (leaning in conspiratorially)…that you’re going to get…too big?”

Sometimes they make weird little faces when they say that last part.  Kind of like they’re pursing their lips into this creepy blowfish mask.  I don’t get that, really.  Anyhoo…let’s see if we can take care of this one for good (at least until the next time).  You folks that have been coming here 3-4x a week for a while now–how do your legs look?  Pretty damned capable, right?  How about the butts?  I’m going to guess no one is receiving complaints from their significant others in that regard either.

This whole post would fall into the shooting fish in a potentially redundant barrel category except goddamn if nearly every week someone here doesn’t mention that they’re getting some ill-informed resistance from a friend or loved one.

So here’s your ammo: tell them to walk into the gym and watch Alicia, Arnaz, Bethany, and Lynne working hella hard moving heavy weight on a Sunday morning.  The before and afters, should we document them, would be pretty fucking remarkable.  NONE of this has been accomplished by taking weight off the bar or moving to interstitial namby-pamby routines.

Or they can come in on a Saturday and watch Pete, who can squat 400+ and pull 500+ hit the prowler on the minute every minute for twenty.  By the way, he is dropping bodyfat and getting consistently stronger.  NONE of that was accomplished by taking weight off the bar; nor does his intelligent, progressive loading consign him to looking like some giant overfed dude who treats his stomach like the town dump.  He looks like a strong dude who takes care of himself, and he happens to lift heavier than anyone here.

Bottom line: if they don’t know, they don’t know.  YOU, however, now know better.  Tell them what’s up.

(And God help us all if they call over to you from their Freudian knot in the TRX area to tell you that pulling heavy deads every week is a bit…odd…)

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