If I Had More Time, I’d Write a Shorter Paper

That’s what my favorite English teacher used to say.  “If I had more time, I’d write a shorter paper.”

He loved the editing process, as I do–in writing, in training, and in life.  There’s nothing I like better than pushing the proverbial glasses up the nose to consider the data in front of me.  What have I lifted?   How have I moved?  What have I gained, and what have I lost?  Now…what comes next?

If you love getting into the gym, out onto the road, or wherever it is that you make exercise your practice, I’d encourage you to try looking at your training as a natural balance between creativity and editing, between the acquisition of new movements and skills and the discernment to select and employ only the ones which provide you with the maximal return on your time investment.

This process may flow instream with your home and work calendars, the seasons, or it may be something you build into your year ahead of time, but learning to distinguish between training as addition and training as distillation provides the athlete with a pretty solid lens for introspection and an actionable duality.  What works best for you and when?  Get those thinking caps on and figure it out!

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