Joe Jackson IS The Angry British Pianist

Today we had a couple of new folks trying out a morning class.  Quiet, nice peeps–much like you all.

In less than two  minutes, I counted five different people introducing themselves to our new friends.  I didn’t set out to count, mind you.  It was just one of those things–something happens, then it happens again, then it happens again and you wonder if you’re about to break some sort of world record so you count.

Listen, I know we ask you to do this in ways both overt and oblique.  But we know you’d probably do it anyway, and more still, that doesn’t mean we don’t notice it when you do.  Because you do.  And it’s awesome.  And we notice you being awesome.

So thank you.  As ever, you are the iron clanging and chalk dust of this crazy little garage: the stuff that turns a gym into a home.

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