Member Monday: Ruth S.

This is one of my favorite pictures of one of our favorite members.  Ruth is capering here and there over the summer, but we absolutely miss her presence in the gym.

What I value most about Ruth is her perspective.  Actually scratch that, I value her kindness most, but I want to talk about her perspective today.  Ruth is a legit badass–when you are a D1 rower at Yale who just keeps on rowing (we all need to hit the Head of the Charles this fall to cheer her on), you do a lot of things, you see a lot of things, you experience a lot of things, and you have a unique understanding of athleticism and capital A Athletics.

I love watching Ruth interact with other members, old and new alike.  Her enthusiasm for accomplishment is genuine, meaningful, and something I challenge myself to match.  We are big Ruth fans here, and I’m looking forward to seeing her more regularly soon!

Ruth!  Wild horses couldn’t drag us away…we miss you!!

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