Member Spotlight: Kathleen!

Always a bright spot in the evening classes, Kathleen lights up the gym with her gracefully persistent and enthusiastic work.
1. You are an amazingly consistent evening and weekend athlete here.  Tell us what brought you to the Woodshed and when.  

I started at the Woodshed in August 2013. I was coping with a recent loss and decided to try Woodshed as a new activity and distraction from my grief.  It worked like a charm for me. It was great fun and filled in some of the void in my life. I can’t imagine not having Woodshed as part of my weekly routine. 

2. Clearly you love to run! Tell us about your athletic history with that sport and how strength and conditioning contribute to that sport. 

When get in a run, I’m a much happier person for the rest of the day. I like to run first thing in the morning on workdays, so that makes me a big-time treadmill person and on the weekends, I absolutely love to run outside. If I could run everyday, I would but I make myself take some rest days to save my tiring muscles.

Training at Woodshed is such a nice compliment to running.  Some of the conditioners are sooooo challenging that I can’t believe how high my heart rate is by the end of the workout.  Wall-balls get me everytime!
Growing up, I was an aspiring (and very often injured) gymnast and as a young adult, I swam with a masters swim group. I did a bunch of open water swims (long before the days of shark sightings!!!! EEEK!) ….. and kept running on and off for years.  As an older adult, I still run and practice yoga on my rest days. Oh and I got a folding bike a couple of years ago so that’s been a blast too. 

3. What is your favorite lift or workout (and why)?
EVERYTHING is my favorite! The lifts, the workouts and the people at Woodshed!!!
(See? How can you resist that enthusiasm?)

4. My enduring image of you is your positively ballet-like burpees. Can you give us some insight to the mindset that allows you to just keep going with such grace? 

Burpees, oh boy.  We do this a lot at Woodshed so I’m wondering if Justin knows something that we don’t about burpee endorphins. 

5. Tell us something else interesting about yourself (possibly non-gym related). 

Hmmm….I’ll tell you something I can do and something I can’t do.  I can do a mean cartwheel. …..I can’t whistle. 

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