Memories…Of The Way We Are

There are three things that Facebook’s Memory function can do to you.

First, if you have kids or pets, you think: “I can’t believe they were ever that little.”

Second, you think: “I can’t believe I was ever that young.”

Well, they were and so were you.

The third thing is kind of magic, though.  You see something you did, something that once upon a time you’d thought beyond your reach.  You took a trip, or ran a race, or joined a gym, or entered a spelling bee.  (Do they have grown-up spelling bees?)

And chances are, you’ve progressed from there.  You’ve taken more trips, completed more races, maybe even won a spelling bee.

Every memory can be a reminder that we achieve things in steps.  You don’t have to conquer the world today, and certainly not in one fell swoop.

But you can take a step.  That’s how you get where you’re going, after all.

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