It’s unfortunate that the very thing that keeps so many folks OUT of the gym is the linchpin of one of the worst fitness cliches going:

No pain, no gain.

Because pain is no joke. Chronic pain is life-altering. But it’s not just about the pain.

Over the last few days, I’ve had several conversations on this subject, and the idea that jumped out at me in each of these conversations was this:

Pain is tiring. While many of us can and do figure out ways to push the pain down, day in and out, we don’t often talk about the accompanying sense of near-exhaustion.

Because we work so hard to get around the pain, often in convoluted fashion (one foot down the stairs at a time anyone?), our bodies and our minds accumulate fatigue. It’s something we might not think about, until we really think about it that is.

Here’s the thing–while addressing pain at its root level is beyond the scope of this post, we can talk about fatigue. And we can keep it pretty simple.

Moving well shores that fatigue up. Simple strength training really shores that fatigue up.

In fact, the very first thing most of our clients report after beginning their strength training routine with us–before any change in appearance or workout data–is how much better they feel. They have more energy. Their daily tasks don’t tire them out so much. And yes, very often their pain levels recede dramatically.

Learning how to move your own body through space and against external resistance can be revelatory.

And that’s a gain you don’t need to push through pain to feel!

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