Saturday Spotlight: Tracy!

Editor’s note: this is an interview we did with one of our very favorite people, Tracy C. She is a rock star in our early morning classes and we’re so lucky to get to coach her!

Member Spotlight: Tracy C.
With some serious get up and go in the early morning, Tracy brings her own brand of happiness and light to her workouts and to those around her. 
1. What brought you to the Woodshed?
Just moved to Littleton in April, and needed to find a new gym home, as well. My BF had done some work for the Keane Family and his eldest daughter had attended the Woodshed, as a teenager and had so many wonderful things to say about the program, the coaches and the culture.

2. What’s your favorite lift and or work out?
I don’t have a favorite. I like that we are always moving, never bored, and each section of our workout has ways to push growth, stamina, and strength.

3. You’re always so positive and happy in the early a.m., what’s your secret? 
I’m a “Morning Person”, no big surprise there. Think it’s just from years of making sure everyone got up & out the door each day on the right foot… sets the tone for the day. Practice makes habit.

4. What was your athletic experience prior to the Woodshed? What are your athletic goals?
Always active through my pre-teen and teen years with softball, basketball, field hockey & street hockey. Then came teaching gymnastics and coaching my kids sports teams. That morphed into company softball teams, bootcamp, hiking, indoor soccer leagues, kayaking, paddle boarding, road races, trail running & kickboxing… Okay, so I don’t like sitting still. 🤷‍♀️

My original goals were to get back to where I was physically, before my Frozen Shoulder brought everything to a halt.

Now I’m focused on getting stronger, drinking more water (a constant foe)…and shaving time off my running pace.

5. Tell us something interesting/fun about yourself not related to the gym.
I’m blessed to have a many lifelong friends and a close family, so there’s always an adventure to be had. Dropping a kayak in a random river, catching a live concert, hiking up a mountain, clipping into a zip line obstacle course, traveling to a new destination , or cooking up a scrumptious meal…. Life is about experiences!

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