Spring 2022 Large Group Schedule

Good morning Woodshed! We’re writing today to let you know about some changes we are making to our Large Group Classes, effective next Monday, April 11. We’re excited to share these changes with you in the name of providing you with greater schedule flexibility and opportunity.

The first and most significant aspect of these changes is that we are removing the 3x/wk attendance cap and its best friend, the “come to class on Monday OR Tuesday, Wed OR Thurs, and Fri OR Sat” layout. Here’s how this will work in practice beginning next Monday:

1. Each weekday will have its own different warmup, assistance work, and conditioner. All class attendees will do that day’s warmup, assistance, and conditioner.

2. On Mondays our main lift will remain the squat; on Wednesdays the bench OR press, and on Fridays the deadlift.

3. On Tuesdays, class attendees will have the option of doing the barbell hip thrust as their main lift using their squat max (the hip thrust generally correlates with lower body strength) for that day’s percentage work. If you come to class Monday to squat and would like to come to class on Tuesday–great, you will do the hip thrust instead of the squat while doing the rest of Tuesday’s work in sync with the class. Folks who don’t come to class on Monday but do come on Tuesday will squat and do that day’s conditioner.

4. On Thursdays, class attendees will have the option of doing the overhead or bench press as their main lift. If you come to class Wed to bench and would like to come to class on Thursday–great, you will do the overhead press instead of the bench while doing the rest of Thursday’s work in sync with the class. Folks who don’t come to class on Wednesday but do come on Thursday will bench or press (whichever your main pressing movement is) and do that day’s conditioner.

5. Friday’s classes and Saturday’s 8 AM class will remain the same: deadlift plus conditioning. In this regard, we’ll ask that you continue to come to deadlift during the day on Fri OR on Sat at 8 AM. However…

6. We are adding a 30 min conditioning class at 7:30 AM Saturdays, comprised of basic bodyweight, kb, db, and cardio movements. This class will have all three conditioning levels available: Fitness, Performance, and Sport, and thus open to all. We will set the attendance cap higher to 15 for this class since we won’t be tied to the weightlifting stations.

7. We will be using the power clean during our conditioners on a weekly basis, and that lift will move around between days.

Our intention is that these changes will provide needed flexibility and additional opportunity, while also preserving the larger structure of group classes. At this time, we will still require you to sign up for classes in advance using PushPress, and because of the additional workouts and opportunities, we will ask that you continue to be mindful of your own ability to make a reservation when signing up for a class.

In the name of setting the standard prior to next week: coaches will tell you no if you ask to do Monday’s conditioner on Tuesday, or Wednesday’s warmup on Thursday, or to squat instead of a pressing movement on Thursday. But as a gym, we are now saying YES to more flexibility and more opportunity. We’re proud to offer a group service that we believe is already orders of magnitude more individualized than most, with the coaching to back it up, and we trust that this will make it easier for you all to get some great lifting and conditioning done on a week to week basis.

Happy to answer any questions directly (email is always best); there are certainly a lot of moving pieces here because we worked hard to find something that would serve all, and we’re very excited to make these changes next week! Happy Spring everyone!

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