The Death of the Horshack

Let’s all raise a glass in obsequy while yelling ooh, ooh Mistah Kottah.  RIP.

So…lotta stuff down there.  Get in, get warmed up, get your #s on the board, and get it going.  First week of our new month and we’ve gotta stay moving to get all this done!

Warmup: V 3.4
Chalk Talk/Skill: Setting The Back Arch
Strength: Squat
Men work to 3 sets of 6 @75%
Women work to 7 sets of 3 @70%

*Warmup through Strength should take 45 minutes

Assistance: (btw sets) sets of 1/2 max pullups (if max is 4 or above) or 1-3 negatives

Conditioning: 7-5-3
KB Circuit (Swing, Goblet, Figure 8)
Humane Burpee


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