The First of Anything

Today is July 1st. If you pay attention to these sorts of things, we’re halfway through 2020.

Take a deep breath.

I’m a huge believer in borrowing energy wherever I can. Yes, January 1st is just another day. In content and form it’s not terribly different than December 31st. We can say the same for today–it was still June about ten hours ago, after all.

And yet, there are opportunities for thought and reflection. Businesses start a new quarter today, Lord help us. We’re all hoping to turn the corner. And there are many who may be looking at today as a chance to reboot after a rough few months individually.

Yes, it’s just a number on the calendar. But if you’ve had it circled in red and today is the day that you’re ready to go, then get after it. There are many at the starting line with you.

We’re here too. It’s a new morning. It’s a new day.

May the wind be at our backs.

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