The Workout Roadblock

When we talk with prospective clients about beginning to train at Woodshed, one fear comes up far more often than any other:

Getting hurt.

Whether due to past experience, stories from friends and family, or just the shock of a new setting, the fear of injury is a very real roadblock for many folks who are otherwise ready to go.

Among many other reasons, this is why we begin all of our clients with personal training–it’s the best way to create an easy, safe entry into a new workout routine.

In a 1-1 session, we’re able to go at the right pace, introduce new movements and concepts with appropriate levels of instruction, and make changes in the moment. From a risk management perspective, this is pretty powerful stuff!

For some, that combination of attention and individualization provides the exact experience they’re looking for in a new routine. Our longtime personal training clients workout with their coach anywhere from 1-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes at a time and enjoy personalized routines and rapid results while staying injury-free, getting stronger, and feeling better.

And for others, that 1-1 attention lays the ideal foundation for their group training sessions and provides a touchstone for continued progress. There’s no substitute for getting started on the right foot, and it’s not unusual for our group class members to return to 1-1 training in spots over the course of their year to make sure this or that movement is really dialed in. Good movement is safe movement, after all.

In either scenario, the underlying theme is coaching. When we dig a little deeper, most folks are worried they’ll get hurt because they’ll be asked to do something they shouldn’t, or left out to dry in a big group. By providing significant coaching in a 1-1 setting–either as foundation and touchpoint or in an ongoing fashion–we make sure to meet that worry head on.

So…how does this work in real time? What does a 1-1 session with professional coaching look like? We’ll be talking about that in some upcoming posts–stay tuned!

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