Transformation Thursday

My CrossFit journey started in the summer of 2016. On a hike up Mt. Washington, something I have done many times in my life, I was struck by how fatigued I was. I was 55, but hey, I felt like I was in good shape and shouldn’t have been so physically challenged by this climb. I had been living a Paleo lifestyle of nutrition for 2-3 years but was lacking the exercise and conditioning that often accompanies the journey. When I got back home I decided.

I had watched the CrossFit games for a number of years and had always wanted to give it a try. I had heard about the Woodshed from a friend and client and decided to give it a go. After talking to Justin Keane, the owner and head trainer, I was excited to join the onboarding program. I had lifted weights in my past but largely resistance equipment; I loved my Soloflex and gradually upgraded to Bowflex. I had never done a barbell back squat, deadlift, Push Press or any other of the Olympic lifts except a bench. I had never held a kettlebell. After my 10 sessions, I was deemed adept at these movements and joined the group class world. This was scary. I had observed a class and never in my wildest dreams did I feel like I could make it through the conditioning I saw going on.

The funny thing is that it didn’t matter. I went as fast and as long as I could and my trainer Amy was encouraging and correcting and the other folks in the class couldn’t be nicer and more supportive. Over

time I was not only able to complete the WOD’s but I was increasing my weight and eventually able to go all Rx. I am now squatting over 300 lbs., deadlifting almost 400 lbs. and push pressing almost 200 lbs. I am competing in my first CrossFit Open at the Masters Level and continuing my journey to be a better version of me. I no longer fear a workout but approach each one as a personal conquest. My time at the Woodshed truly is the best hour of my day. At 56, I am in the best shape of my adult life and I’d argue in my entire life. They say 80% of life is just showing up! My advice to beginners is to make the commitment and be consistent in your work. I have been a regular at the 7am class and did over 135 workouts in my first year. The hardest part is getting the courage up to walk in the door.

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