Week of May 31-June 3

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Warmup (10 min): Coach’s Choice–Outdoor if poss
Strength/Power Circuit (25 min): Every 2 min, perform
Back Squat 2-3 reps @60-65%
Box Jumps or Step Ups, 10 reps
Tuck Jumps, 5 reps
*Level 1 sub jumprope 10 seconds for tuck jumps
Strength/Hypertrophy Circuit (25 min): Every 3 min, perform
Back Squat, 2-3 reps @50-55%
Walking Lunges, 5-8 steps/side
DB or KB RDL, 5-12 reps
*RX Plus, Use 40/25 dbs for lunges

Friday, June 2, 2017
Warmup (10 min): Burgener W.U w/PVC pipe
Skill Work (20 min): Clean from Hang position demo
Work up to heavy single for day
Strength (15 min): Leaving clean weights on the bars, work up to 1-2 sets of 5 at 60-65% DL max
Conditioning (15 min): 30-20-10
KB Swings
Goblet Squats
Single Arm DB Press (half # reps/side)
*Level 1 15 reps of each, RX Plus Overhead Swings and 40/25 on DB

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