Week of October 30-Nov 5

Sunday, October 30, 2016
7 AM Mindful Lifting–Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
8 AM Conditioning–“Helloween”

Monday, October 31, 2016–Halloween so…WEAR COSTUMES!
Warmup (10 min): Trainer’s Choice
Skill (15 min): Power Cleans, 10-15 reps total, alternate w/30-50 seconds bike or row
Deload/Circuit (35 min): Rounds of
Squat, 5 reps @50% Fall Max
10 one-arm kb swings each side
Bear Crawl Down & Back (sub 20 second plank)
Slingshot Banded Shuffle, 5 steps/side (can be done in place)
:30 hard cardio (row, mountain climbers, air squats)
3×10 glute bridges, fire hydrants/side
10 ring rows, hold last row at top for a 5 count

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Warmup (10 min): Simple Seven x 2
Catch-All (40 min): Rounds of
Bench/Press/Push Press, 5 reps @50% Fall Max
3-2-1 ladder goblet squats, situps, kb swings
10 bb or db rows, use range weight for rows
7-12 box jumps or stepups
Sprint in Lot if weather permits/Row 10 seconds if not
10 medicine ball chest passes w/partner (10/person)
Cooldown (10 min): Rollout and Breathing Work

Friday, November 4, 2016
Warmup (10 min): 3×15 fire hydrants/side, broken table/side
Skill/Prehab (10 min): Shoulder Circuit–3 rounds of
1 waiter’s walk down & back (switch arms halfway)
20 band pullaparts
5 blackburn I, Y, and Ts
Deadlift Deload (40 min): Rounds of
Deadlift, 5 reps @50% fall max
Walking Lunge, 10 steps/side–keep knee over ankle
Med Ball Ground to Shoulder, 10 reps (go as heavy as you can)
Plank :30-:60
Bat Wings, 20 second hold
Jumprope :30-:60 (sub jumping jacks)
Weighted Crunches, 7-10 reps

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