Week of August 19th

Monday, Aug 19: 20.20, Prehab 3 of 5 Split Sqt, Lunge to 45 degree, Band Walk, Fire Hydrants, Glute Bridge
Strength–Squat 50 in 20 (rolling clock for 35 min, last week on this progression so make it sting)
Conditioning–6 rounds tabata pushups, 3 min jumprope/bike, 6 rounds tabata kb/db swings

Tuesday, Aug 20: Olympic Lifting
Snatch to heavy single, drop 10% to 3 doubles (25 min)
Hang Clean, Clean From BtKnee, Clean, 7×1-1-1 (20 min)

Wednesday, Aug 21: 20.20, Prehab 3 of 5 Face Pulls, Pullaparts, Lax Ball under scaps, Modified D.Dog, Plate Raises
Skill Work: Push Press
Strength: Push Press, work to moderately heavy double (95-100% of press max or 8.5 of 10 on effort scale–should feel like you could do 1 more rep)
Assistance Work: DB Pullovers and Bench Press, 4-5 sets of 12
Conditioning: 10-1 Ladder KB/DB Swings & Goblet Squats

Thursday, Aug 22: Olympic Lifting
Snatch 10×2 on the minute @ 65-70%
Clean and Push Press, Jerk (Clean once, push press, then split jerk) 5 x 1-1 to moderately heavy weight

Friday, Aug 23: 20.20, Prehab 2 of 3 Goat Bag Swings, Hamstring Stretch, KB Swings
Skill work: Deadlift
Deadlift, set 1 rep max (and write that shit down!)
Optional Conditioning: Rounds of 10 KB swing, 1 Prowler push

Saturday, Aug 24 @7 AM Olympic Class:
Snatch from high hang, 12 x 1 ascending weight
Jerk from Rack, work to heavy single
50 reps Abs
@ 10 AM:
20.20, Prehab
Skill work: Bench Press
Bench Press, set 1 rep max (and write that shit down!)
Conditioning: 5 rounds of…
15 goblet squats, 10 pushups, 20 kb swings, 15 situps

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