Welcome to the world, Lilah Rose!

Congratulations to our dear friends Arnaz and Mike on the birth  of their beautiful daughter Lilah Rose.  We’ll share a pic later on.

Warmup: 20/20
Prehab: Choose 3 of the following 5 and perform for 3 sets of 10
Glute Bridges
Fire Hydrants
Goat Bag Swings
Kettlebell Swings
Split Squats

Strength: Deadlift, about ten minutes warmup to get yourself to the 80% range, then 7-10 doubles at 80% with a few minutes rest between sets.

Conditioning: 30:/:30
KB or DB Swings, 5 rounds
Mountain Climbers or Humane Burpees (Up and Down), 5 rounds

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