Woodshed Holiday Bingo

2018-2019 Woodshed Holiday Bingo!

Rules of the Road
1) Bingo Card is located online at:
We will also print out copies for members and hang in the gym.

2) The game begins Wednesday morning, December 5, 2018.  Members participate by taking a printed Bingo sheet from the top of the cubicles in the conference room and crossing out each entry (with coach initials) upon completion.  All cards must be turned into the conference room desk by close of business Friday evening, January 4, 2019. We will draw our winners at the Woodshed Holiday Party (weekend of Jan 5th/6th, 2019)

3) Some of these items will occur on the honor system.  Spotting for a friend, trying a different belt–members do not need to interrupt class for a coach to see them doing this.  The point here is to have fun, get this stuff done, and enjoy ourselves. Simply approaching a coach and saying “I did this, will you initial?” will suffice if necessary.

4) Particular items:
50-100 air squats/day: done within one day NOT every day
Hit 3 open gyms: (Tues, Thurs, Saturday) over the course of the month
Share a goal with a coach: share something athletic you’d like to accomplish in or out of the gym
Attend 4 times a week: done one week NOT every week
100 KB Swings: Within one workout or open gym
Post Red Carpet Selfie: To Insta or FB, tag the gym
PR A Lift: One rep (e.g. 205 squat) or Rep Max (205 for 4 when your old PR was 205 for 3)
PR a Benchmark: Any “named” conditioner (e.g, Grace, etc. If it has a name, it counts)
Travel Workout: Hit a workout on a day you can’t get to the gym
Bodyweight Prowler Push: One length with your bodyweight on Prowler
Write Us a Review: Post to Google Reviews, our FB page, or send to

5) Bingos!
*Connect any 5 squares to complete a single line Bingo
*Four corners is NOT a bingo in this game.
*Black Out Bingo is all squares completed
*You will be responsible for keeping up with your card.  Will we have a folder on the cubbies in the conference room should you want to store it there.

6) Prizes (Drawn at our Holiday Party)
All Members with two single line bingos will be entered into a drawing to win a free 2 lb Driven Protein
All Members with four single line bingos will be entered into a drawing to win a free 2 lb Driven Protein and Woodshed Open 2019 t-shirt
All Members with Black Out Bingo will be entered into a drawing to win a free 2 lb Driven Protein, Woodshed Open 2019 T-Shirt, and a One-Hour PT session.

Have fun!!!

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