Woodshed Reopening

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Our main goal is to maximize your health and safety first. We have some restrictions to abide by and the details below explain much of it. We sincerely appreciate your trust, patience, and understanding as we all wade into this new way of doing things. Before we go further, I want to emphasize something: if you are not comfortable coming back into the physical space when we reopen on Wednesday, July 8th – that is completely fine! We will continue to provide your Remote Coaching Services and Zoom Classes!  If this is you, please email me at to let me know that I should keep sending you custom workouts in TrueCoach.

Class Schedule – 
We will resume in person classes for those that are comfortable returning this Wednesday, July 8th. This will be the schedule effective immediately for at least the first few weeks of our return:

In-Person Classes
Monday-Friday 7 AM, 12 PM, 5:30 PM
Saturday 7 AM, 9 AM

NOTE: Monday and Tuesday’s workouts will be the same “Squat Plus Conditioning”, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s the same “Pressing plus Conditioning” (Press or Bench like usual), and Friday’s and Saturday’s the same “Deadlifting Plus Conditioning”.  Please only sign up for one session in each of these three pairs of days and no more than 3 workouts each week.  As we add returning and new members, we will adjust capacity and/or schedule upwards as need be.

Zoom Classes
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7 AM
Tuesday, Thursday Time TBD

Attendance and Social Distancing Procedures – 

  1. NOTE: Select the active plan to schedule a class–some plans are named Coaching, others Woodshed Unlimited Monthly, and others Woodshed Classic.  Only your active plan will show up on this app, so you are safe to click whatever plan name does show up. NOTE: We put a “Test Class” up in the schedule for Monday, July 6 for you to practice registration if you like,
  2. You can only reserve within 7 days of a scheduled class time.  NOTE: our new schedule will go live on Tuesday, July 7 at noon. From there you will be able to register for any class that falls within 7 days of the current time.
  3. You will be unable to reserve within 1 hour of a class starting
  4. You may cancel your reservation within 2 hours of class starting without it being marked as an attended class
  5. Show up (five minutes early!), listen to your coaches, and have fun!
  • Before entry, we will have a touchless thermometer to take your temp. If you show a fever of 38 celsius or above, you will not be allowed to join class that day
  • We will also ask you to verify a “No” answer to each question on a COVID-19 screening whiteboard just before you enter the gym.
  • There will be a designated, tape-outlined area (GREEN!) for you to do your workout in
  • The GREEN workout areas are the only location within the gym where you may remove your mask.  We ask you to leave the mask on until you get to your station and put it back on before leaving your station.  We will also direct you to stand on or near the Green X’s during lifting and conditioning–these have been measured out at 16-17 feet of distance, above and beyond the 14 feet required.
  • Coaches will have all necessary equipment placed in each station prior to class beginning. 
  • Members may not exchange equipment, and coaches will not make equipment changes for you outside of the following specific exceptions: 1) Safety Bar for squats, 2) Trap Bar for deadlifts, and 3) Boxes for squats
  • At the conclusion of class, we will ask you to wipe your equipment down with a sanitizing wipe from one of the dispensers near your station.. Follow the RED arrows to the turf and please toss your wipe into the trash on your way out the garage door.
  • We are not allowed to have a seating/congregation area. Because of this, we ask that you come dressed to workout, bring all your gear and a full water bottle with you and into your station, do not bring your kids to class, and that you leave promptly when class is complete.
  • The water fill station (to the left of the fountains) will be usable one person at a time if you really really need it.
  • Bathrooms are available for use in an emergency.  You must sanitize everything you touch before leaving the bathroom.

Positive COVID Test Procedure – 
In the interest of making sure we put your health and safety at the forefront, we wanted to clearly communicate our plan should a member of our community come down with COVID. The likelihood of this occurring is small, but very serious. 

All exposed athletes (defined by the CDC as within 6′ for more than 15 minutes) will stay home and be delivered remote coaching for 14 days. 

All exposed coaches (defined by the CDC as within 6′ for more than 15 minutes) will stay home for 14 days. 

We will close the gym for one day to disinfect and sanitize.

We will notify all clients that had a direct interaction personally (not publicly), but will not (in the interest of privacy) name who the infected athlete is unless they provide written permission to do so. 

We thank you for your trust and understanding in handling situations like this if they arise.

Any further questions, please email me at 

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