Welcome to Woodshed Strength and Conditioning in Littleton, MA. Let us help you find that extra time you wish you had–when you are stronger, fitter, and healthier, you make the most of every hour.


Most folks understand that getting stronger and fitter will make life’s tasks easier, but have trouble starting that process.  At Woodshed, we make it simple: joining is easy, your workouts are planned for you, and you’ll meet with a coach every quarter to track your progress.

Woodshed Strength and Conditioning Location

Located half-mile from 495 and Rt 2 West

80 Taylor St

Littleton, MA 01460

(857) 753-6738


Breaking down the challenge of getting physically stronger into fun, interesting, doable steps has allowed me to understand that all of life’s challenges are similarly attainable. I look better, feel better, and am living better and I owe it all to Woodshed.
Anne R. 
Joining Woodshed has made me feel like a part of the Littleton community. I have met wonderful people who I want to spend time with outside of the gym. This also helps motivate me to get to the gym on a daily basis.
Kerri G. 
I love knowing that I can participate fully in life from running - if need be - to moving stuff around at home. I am more active in all areas of my life because of the strength and abilities I’ve developed at the gym.
Lynne B. 
I feel better about my health and my body than I ever have before, and enjoy seeing progress and results from my work at the Woodshed.
Mark M 
At 57, I am in the best shape of my life and this truly has become the best hour of my day.
Don L 


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