October 26, 2020
It’s unfortunate that the very thing that keeps so many folks OUT of the gym is the linchpin of one of the worst fitness cliches going: No pain, no gain. Because pain is no joke. Chronic pain is life-altering. But it’s not just about the pain. Over the last

You’re Not Listening To Me!

October 8, 2020
“You’re not listening to me!” As a parent, nothing puts me on my heels faster than that one. I can stay the course with door slams, bedtime negotiations, and the like, but when one of my kids tells me I’m not listening, that’s a clear sign to stop what

The Scoreboard

September 22, 2020
Maybe you used to keep score for yourself. In your 20s and 30s things were easier. They were simpler, too. You’d decide to do something, think about when you wanted to get it done, and more or less that was probably it. Done and done. And every time, you’d

Wins Not Programs

September 14, 2020
It’s not unusual for someone starting a new health routine to focus on ‘the program,’ or ‘the diet.’ I get that–looking at a new fitness setup or jumping on a hot diet bandwagon can feel like opening the biggest present under the Christmas tree. There is that moment of

Start A Streak

September 8, 2020
It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day. For most, this signals the end of summer and perhaps the beginning of a new school year. In some respects, this change in season can feel a little like New Year’s: you might like to use today to mark the beginning of a

Back Pain: The Brace

August 31, 2020
In the middle of a back flareup, you know two things: 1. This hurts.2. Some things hurt worse than others: Rolling to a different side in bed, for instance. Getting in and out of bed, for sure! Getting in and out of your car. In fact, we don’t have

Back Pain

August 26, 2020
Back pain is no joke. But it’s also something we tend to conceptualize and describe inexactly. We talk about throwing out our backs, or more broadly, having a bad back. After the trauma of an acute flare has passed, we generally seek to avoid this or that family of

The Sting and The Slow Dissolve

August 19, 2020
Sometimes in life you get stung. You happen upon a hornet’s nest, kick up a few angry critters your dog might mistake for flying jalapenos, and you get lit up. That hurts. Right away! And it’s no mystery what just happened. But more often than not, we encounter physical


August 17, 2020
Many of our members tell us how nervous they were before their intro session. I think this is pretty natural, not just in a gym setting but whenever you’re starting something new. But one word comes up more than any other when we talk first-day jitters. That word is

There I Was, Stuck In The Middle With Me

August 14, 2020
Here’s how one of the most embarrassing Mondays of my life started for me: “What did you want for breakfast?” Because that was the third time I’d asked him that question in the last ten minutes, my son quite rightly had begun to wonder if he could just grab

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