LG Workouts Week of 092523

Monday, Sept 25, 2023Warmup (10 min): Conga Line,1 dynamic movement down turf then 10 ring rows or pushups Strength (25 min): Volume Work in 5

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No Deadlifts, Either?

The notion that people over 50 should steer clear of certain potent exercises such as deadlifting is not only incorrect but potentially detrimental to one’s

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LG Workouts Week of 091823

Monday, Sept 18, 2023Warmup (10 min): Squat Therapy 3 movements, 3×10(Bar, Wall, Light Goblet or Air, 10 reps each for 3 rounds) Strength (25 min):

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LG Workouts Week of 091123

Monday, Sept 11, 2023Warmup (5 min): 1-2 rounds :15-:30 Wall Sit, 10 deadbugs/side, 10 kb goodmornings Strength (30 min): Speed, Hollow Work, Steady Cardio5-7 roundsFitness:

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LG Workouts Week of 090513

Tuesday, Sept 5, 2023Warmup (10 min): 3 rounds 10 ball slams or swings, 15 broken table/sideCoach up/Drill: Connect hinge of ball slam with hinge of

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Unraveling the Bench Press Myth

Picture this: The bench press station at a gym, typically surrounded by enthusiastic men pumping iron, their determined faces mirroring their efforts. A quintessential ‘bro’

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LG Workouts Week of 082823

Monday Aug 28, 2023Warmup (5 min): 1 rounds :40 work. 20 transitionTerminal Knee Extension (:20/side), Plank (contract quads), Glute Bridges (drive knees out) Skill (5

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