The Gym Questions

July 10, 2020
Most important questions right now, in order:1) Will my gym keep me safe while I am working out?2) Can my gym help me get the results I want?3) Can my gym help me feel the way I want to feel while I am working out? We’ve got a 5000

The Imposters

July 9, 2020
Let’s take it back to when you were a kid and you had a piggy bank. Mine was named Porky, maybe yours was Arnold. Now, remember riding your bike to the market a few times a week. Every so often you’d see some change on the ground in front

Opening Day

July 8, 2020
It’s like that Alanis Morissette song about all those seeming contradictions. No, not THAT one. This is most certainly not like rain on our wedding day. But we get to open up for group sessions tomorrow, about 120 days give or take several very long cleaning episodes after we

Member Monday: Mark M

July 6, 2020
Mark has been a major presence in the early AM classes. Whether waiting patiently in the dark winter mornings for the coach to open so he can set up his deadlifts or quietly remarking on the inspirational qualities (or lack thereof) of the coach’s music choices, Mark is the

Woodshed Reopening

July 6, 2020
Not much for watching the full video? No worries, here are the highlights: Our main goal is to maximize your health and safety first. We have some restrictions to abide by and the details below explain much of it. We sincerely appreciate your trust, patience, and understanding as we

Independence Day

July 4, 2020
Independence. It’s a great, big, weighty word. Inalienable. That’s another one. We celebrate these ideas of promise and purpose in our gym, that incipient within you is the ability–and perhaps even the imperative–to push, pull, move, strive, and persist. When you lift the weight, you lift yourself. Always remember

Two Summer Desserts

July 4, 2020
It’s July so here we go–hot town in the summertime! We’ve already hit you up with the Strongest Summeriest Iced Coffee, so let’s talk about two awesome, healthy desserts to put a nightcap on another great day. They’re simple, sweet, and delicious. The first one we’ll call Blueberry-Comb. You’ll


July 2, 2020
Today’s blog was going to be a little bit different, but when you get great news you share it right away: here in Massachusetts gyms just received the green light to reopen for groups of 40% capacity beginning next week. We’ve been cooling our heels on the sidelines for

The First of Anything

July 1, 2020
Today is July 1st. If you pay attention to these sorts of things, we’re halfway through 2020. Take a deep breath. I’m a huge believer in borrowing energy wherever I can. Yes, January 1st is just another day. In content and form it’s not terribly different than December 31st.

Welcome Yourself Back!

June 30, 2020
As gyms in Massachusetts prepare to reopen for group training, pending the Governor’s order, we want to welcome you back with virtual open arms. It has been a while! Whether you’re coming back to Woodshed (or starting up new here!) or another favorite gym, we want to help with

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