Foundation Three: Community

July 27, 2020
“What I enjoyed most about Woodshed was the camaraderie…everyone created a positive and safe atmosphere where you felt comfortable pushing your own limits while supporting others of all ages and abilities.” “It always felt like the staff and others were rooting for each other to do the best they

Foundation Two: The Do

July 23, 2020
For many of us, the words “I do” constitute one of the most important commitments we can make in this lifetime–to our partners, and to ourselves. The doing here is active and intentional: showing up, being present, doing some hard work. And much like anything worthwhile, it’s ideally the

Fix This First: Foundation One

July 21, 2020
Yesterday we started our series on the Five Foundations by laying out the concept: that we can generally locate a new client’s most pressing health and fitness issue within one of five foundations. Taking this a step further, we might also understand that each foundation is a necessary step

The Five Foundations

July 20, 2020
This week, we’ll be putting together a series of blog posts about our Five Foundations. The Five Foundations concept isn’t new to physical fitness, but it’s almost always been used to describe end-state properties like strength, cardiovascular fitness, and the like. Of course, we exercise and train to get

Surgery and The Steering Wheel

July 15, 2020
Over a year ago, I found myself being wheeled into knee surgery twice in six weeks. The details aren’t important, other than to say it was kind of a bummer, but I’d like to talk about one lasting memory today, and I’d also like to tell you this isn’t

Who We Help And How It Works

July 14, 2020
We help busy people get healthy. That’s job one, and it’s more important than ever. That means stronger, fitter, more resilient from day to day. You’re managing everything and everyone else in your life and you could use a hand for yourself. So we get it done together. Once

Is This You?

July 13, 2020
Is this you? You know how you want to feel when you work out. You know the numbers you want to see in your training log. You know what you want it to feel like on Friday after your third workout of the week. You don’t need someone to

5 Reasons Personal Training May Be Right For You, Right Now

July 12, 2020
You’ve got some specific goals for your workouts. You want to get stronger, get fitter, work on body composition, or just plain feel better and healthier. Whether you can make out the next road sign clearly or it still feels a million miles away, personal training is a great

Member Spotlight: Kathleen!

July 11, 2020
Always a bright spot in the evening classes, Kathleen lights up the gym with her gracefully persistent and enthusiastic work.  1. You are an amazingly consistent evening and weekend athlete here.  Tell us what brought you to the Woodshed and when.   I started at the Woodshed in August 2013. I

It’s Just Different In The Gym

July 10, 2020
My wife went to one of our small group sessions today–her first back since we reopened. She had a blast, got great coaching (and worked out with some of our other coaches, which is always fun), and when she got home and I asked her how things went, she

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