Many of our members tell us how nervous they were before their intro session. I think this is pretty natural, not just in a gym

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Being Afraid

I remember driving home from the grocery store on the night of March 11, listening to sports radio. And because these things burn into your

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Foundation Three: Community

“What I enjoyed most about Woodshed was the camaraderie…everyone created a positive and safe atmosphere where you felt comfortable pushing your own limits while supporting

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Foundation Two: The Do

For many of us, the words “I do” constitute one of the most important commitments we can make in this lifetime–to our partners, and to

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Fix This First: Foundation One

Yesterday we started our series on the Five Foundations by laying out the concept: that we can generally locate a new client’s most pressing health

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The Five Foundations

This week, we’ll be putting together a series of blog posts about our Five Foundations. The Five Foundations concept isn’t new to physical fitness, but

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