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Three hundred and fifty dollars.  A car payment.  A couple weeks’ worth of groceries.  A few months at a CrossFit gym.  A one year contract at a fitness center.  Three pairs of weightlifting shoes.  The shipping on five or six Prowlers.  Three hundred and fifty dollars.

We get sales pitches on the regular here at Woodshed, sometimes several a day.  Our website needs fixing so more people can find us.  We need to improve our mechanism for member retention.  Someone will happily disabuse us of a few hundys in exchange for their considered opinion on how we ought to paint and appoint the gym.  We need a system.  We don’t have a system and we need one very badly and it’ll just cost us a few hundred dollars.  My God, we’ll never have to work IN the business again!  For a few hundred dollars.

Three hundred and fifty dollars.  Hell of a bargain rate for a whole system.  Just click the link, give them our cc and email, and soon we will be the boxiest box that ever boxed.  Members, more members, members and systems and members, and more members and systems.  For three hundred and fifty dollars.

Three hundred and fifty dollars is also the list price of the Texas Power Bar we’re about to purchase from EliteFTS.  This is not a cheap barbell.  But it will be our barbell, and like our other barbells, it will be our system, our member retention, our outreach, our gospel, our barometer, our comfort and joy and above all, our tool.

Three hundred and fifty dollars.  One barbell.  All the system we ever need.