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Holiday week work.  Reminder that hours are:
Monday, Reg Classes
Tues, Open Gym 7-12
Wed closed
Thurs, Open Gym 12-1, 7-8
Fri & Sat, Reg Classes

This week for General Strength and Conditioning, please complete:
Strength and Assistance
1) 50 reps at working weight (65-80%) of either squat or trap bar deadlift
2) 50 reps at working weight (65-80%) of either bench press or overhead press
3) 100 reps of weighted upper back movement (Barbell Row, DB Row, Lat Pulldown…squeeze those shoulder blades together!)
4) 100 reps of abdominal work (situps, McGill crunches, 4-count flutter kicks)

5) 12-15 minutes of KB swing intervals (:30/:30, :40/:20)
6) 42-30-18 of goblet squats, pushups, db snatches

7) 10-15  minutes of box squats–do doubles and triples

1) Snatch, Snatch from High Hang, 40 total reps–stay within 65-80% range once warmed up
2) Clean, Clean and Jerk, 25 total reps, ” ”
3) Squat, 15 reps, doubles and triples, 60-70%

During class times on Monday and Friday, we will allot the first 40 minutes to warmup and platform time and the last 20 to conditioning.  Open gyms on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday AM should also allow for this, and the O-lift work for our liters to be completed.

Any questions on getting it done, ask your trainer!  Hopefully this helps you stress less about the # of days you are able to get in here during a busy week and focus more on just getting work done.  Cheers.