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Monday & Tuesday, Jan 27 & 28
Warmup:Trainer-Led, 5 min
Grab Bag Of Work/Strength Focus Press (Mon): 35 min, as circuit
a)Press, Working to Heavy Double (7-8 sets total incl warmups)
b)5-8 Barbell Rows (135/95/65)
c)10 Box Jumps or Step-ups (Step Down from Box)
d)4-6 Big Pulls on Rower
e) 10-15 KB Swings
Base Practice and Conditioning (Mon):
Practice DB Snatch (Full extension, using right weight)
Practice Squat (Chest Up, Upper Back Extension throughout ROM) then…
21-15-9 DB Snatch/Arm, DB Goblet Squat, Situps
Strength Accessory/Recov Work (Tues): Accumulate…
150 face pulls, 150 band pullaparts
35-50 reps DB Floor Press
2-4 sets DB Overhead Holds for Ab Work(:30-:60)
Roll Out Upper Back
Circuit Work/Roadwork (Tues): 15-20 min of
2 min bike/row
3×10 pushup, situp, squat, ring rows
2 min of :20 work/:20 rest broken tables, glute bridges
O-Lifts (Tues):
1) Snatch to Moderate Double From Below The Knee (Bar does not touch floor between reps), hang there w/ample rest (25 min)
2) Clean from High Hang, Clean from Floor 6×1-1 up to heavy weight. Rest as needed. Do not rush. (25 min)

Wednesday & Thursday, Jan 29 & 30
Warmup:Trainer-Led, 5 min
Strength (Wed):Deadlift, 35 min
Work with trainer on setup, 10 min then…
Doubles at 315/225/185/135/95 (use weight closest to 60%)–7-10 total sets
Task Work (Wed)
Farmer’s Carries, sets of 2 trips down & back (Bars, KBs, moderate weight)
Goblet Squats, sets of 7-12
Bicep Curls, accumulate 50 reps
Base Practice and Conditioning:
Practice Knee Extension/Violent Stand to Plank on KB Swing then…
Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes:
10-15 KB Swings
7-12 pushups
Finish minute w/jumprope, jumping jacks, or broken tables
Strength Recovery and Assistance (Thurs) 5×10 of
Good Morning/RDL
Single-Leg Glute Bridges w/weight plate on abs
Goblet Squats
Circuit/Roadwork (Thurs): 15-20 min of
3×15 KB Figure 8s, Swings, Around the World
90 seconds row/bike
45 seconds jumprope/jumping jacks
2×20 broken tables, light DB Press
O-Lifts (Thurs):
1) Snatch Grip Deadlift, work to double at 8 rpe (feels like 2 more reps in tank), hang there for 2-3 add’l singles or doubles (25 min)
2) 50 Hang Clean and Press, light weight, sets of 2-3

Friday & Saturday, Jan 31 & Feb 1
Warmup:Trainer-led, 5 min
Strength (Fri):Bench Press, work to 2 sets of 8, 70-75%, 6-9 sets total, 35 min
*Alternate warmup sets between barbell and DBs
Task Work (Fri): Complete
100 face pulls
75 ring rows
50 weighted situps
25 step-ups holding light dbs
Base Practice and Conditioning (Fri), 20 min
Rounds of Shuttle Run, :10-:20 row
Strength Recovery and Assistance (Sat):
Light DB Flyes, sets of 8
Underhand Band Pullaparts, Accumulate 150
Single-Arm DB Press, sets of 5/arm
Triceps Pushdown, sets of 8
Roadwork/Circuit Work (Sat): 15-20 min
3×10 DB Snatch/Arm, DB Rows, DB Curls
Row/Bike 2 min
3×10 Broken Table/leg, Glute Bridges, Russian Twists, KB Swings
O-Lifts (Sat):
1) Snatch, work to heavy single
2) Clean and Jerk, work to heavy single