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072814 Sarah

Sarah is a quiet leader in our midday sessions–always friendly, always working with an eye on the clock but quick to help folks with questions if need be. Love having her here with us–they don’t come any better. Her t-shirt and shoe collection rocks, as well.

We’ve talked a lot recently with a bunch of you about finding your motivation by training with someone who is better than you at this or that thing you want to improve.  And that is just plain truth because it’s life: you find a rabbit and you chase it.  This is, incidentally, probably why Moonlighting sucked and was cancelled in short order after David and Maddie got together.  (Those of you who get that reference are nodding your heads, I know it.)

But I want to talk really quickly now about the motivation of leadership, specifically what happens when you are training alongside someone who will never in a million years bench once what you just did for your warmup set.  We don’t have a ton of things set in stone here but one of the tenets we do is that when you help someone do something better, you are helping yourself.  When I’m lifting next to someone with less experience, particularly in my role as a trainer, I am that much more attuned to detail.  I don’t want them to watch me half-ass a rep or give up on a pull, and I want them to see how focused I am on my task.  This is, in every way, a chance for me to get better as an athlete.  And it motivates the hell out of me.

So I want us all to keep that in mind as well. We do our best as trainers to on-ramp newer members (or re-ramp intermittent ones) and we are certainly redoubling our efforts here, but sometimes life happens: sometimes a member hasn’t been in the gym for a few weeks and forgets a thing or two, or sometimes we’re spotting or depth-checking a heavy squat while there is confusion on a platform.  Take that opportunity to motivate yourself by leading.  Nothing is cooler than being the person who lifts twice as much as someone but still takes the time to bring that person up to their level.  That’s the stuff people will remember long after they forget how much you squatted.  And that’s what this gym is about, and always has been.  Thanks for reading, and thanks to those of y’all who already lead by example every day.