A Reflection

Had the pleasure to talk to one of our old friends today.  Yanju trained with us for a few months in 2010 and 2011 after she’d returned from Iraq and before moving back to Colorado.

Jan 15, 2011–first weeks in current location
Stephen, Yanju, Daphne, Lynne, Jake, Albert, Ben

I won’t pump her tires too much because it’d embarrass her, but Yanju is Original Badass.  Anyone who trained with her will remember how hard she hit it and how kind and encouraging she was before, during, and after class.  I was super bummed when she took off for Colorado but hey, you can’t be too sad when someone you think so highly of gets to go home with her family.

Talking with her today gave me occasion to reflect on the nature of what we do here.  I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but when one of your original members calls you up after a couple of years to buy a couple of t-shirts, it gets you down deep.  Makes me think of cold mornings in Acton with Tim, Lynne, and Craig, moving out barbells and plates to get the 6 AM class going.  The Kingpin, Daphne, Jamie, and Miguel would follow at 7 AM.  And Yanju, Doctor Ben, and sometimes Pete would head in at noon.  We’d see Jake, Erin, Chuck, Kim, Daphne, Lynne, Tim, Stephen, and a few others on Saturday mornings for Barbell Club and Dunkin Donuts.  Pretty soon it was January, we were in Littleton, and the two Mikes, Paul, John R, Jay and Jill had joined us.  We were off and running.  We were Woodshed.

It’s easy to get lost sometimes in the ten million things we’ve got going here.  T-shirts, swag, contests, training maxes, Prowler controversy.  Like Dre says, it’s all good from Diego to the Bay, but I think I probably forget to thank you all nearly as much as I should.  Woodshed isn’t a garage or a gym, it’s a family, and there certainly wouldn’t be a single, solitary t-shirt to print and send out–never mind a box of them–if it weren’t for all you iron brothers, sisters, cousins, and strange relations.

So from my family to this family: Thank you.

What a crazy ride we’re all on.  Long may we roll.

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